• 🔥 Smoke in the streets of London 💨

    If we were living in Victorian times.... we would find it difficult to breathe. A damp mist, mixed with coal smoke, permeates the streets. I feel l...
  • The circle of twelve little animals in one wooden clock

    The Zodiac Wall Clock is a real clock which tells you the accurate time. You want a really unique wall clock? You just have found it!

  • Gramophone means written sound or tone

    There is probably no more appropriate name for this technical revolution. When I imagine what life was like before it. For us today, dealing with sound and recording it is something we were born with.  But the development is incredible. Starting with the vinyl record, to the tape, to the audio cassette, to the compact disc. In between - only 100 years! And today? Streaming. Music and sound everywhere. You can think what you want about today's development, but it remains undisputed that the beginning was revolutionary.

    And now: a new wooden construction kit for you

  • Why I was happy about rain and still want to cry loud!

    I didn't pay attention for a short moment and then this. What happened? What have I done wrong? Is there anything left to save? Everything you do,...
  • We love wood - a versatile and sustainable raw material

    Did you actually know? Our wooden models are not only fun, they are also well thought out in every respect!
  • Five Ways Crafting Reduces Stress

    Hobbies like knitting, calligraphy or constructing wooden construction kits aren't just enjoyable, they're also fully immersive for the brain. This means the mind has to focus on the task in hand, rather than indulging in destructive patterns of stress, anxiety and worry.

    Having something to show for your time, effort and energy can also be re-affirming.

  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Ahoy, maties! We need a new ship! ARRRR! I absolutely must 'ave this mechanic airship wooden model from wooden-town.com. WHY? t' relax, t' reduce stress 'n 'tis th' perfect gift! Why should I pilfer it when I can get such a good discount (up t' 70% discount)? | FREE SHIPPING | family fun | th' perfect gift | fully operational | made o' wood

  • Are you prepared? Have a plan - be prepared not scared!

    Being prepared to deal with an emergency is important for anyone! Today is Get Ready Day and this what it is all about. By the way: There are only 13 weeks left until Christmas. Maybe the Get Ready Day is also a good opportunity to search for the right gift. We have just the right inspiration for you.
  • 7 scientifically-proven ways to switch-off for a while...

    If self-care was last year's mantra, then 2020 is all about allowing your mind and body the time and space to escape - especially in times of Corona and COVID-19.

    We're living in turbulent times, with constant technological and environmental distractions, so it's no wonder the urge to escape and seek sanctuary in soothing activities that reconnect us to our sense of selves is gaining momentum.

    7 scientifically-proven ways to switch-off for a while...

    Escapism is the new self-care

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