Why I was happy about rain and still want to cry loud!

Why I was happy about rain and still want to cry loud!

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I didn't pay attention for a short moment and then this.

What happened?

What have I done wrong?

Is there anything left to save?

Everything you do, has consequences. You learn this hard as a child ... well, actually in your whole life. But when you are confronted with this knowledge again - against your will - it is hard. This is how I feel now.

But actually I should be grateful. Because you learn from your mistakes and you keep learning until you don't make any more. Okay, there is no one without mistakes.

I left the windows open and it rained 8 gallons into my room!!! My little library was not affected. Lucky me! And on what did the rain fall? Right on my very beloved marble run and clock.

It is wood and wood does not like water! With normal humidity the models get along very well, but 8 gallons in an hour is definitely too much.

Have you ever thought about what you would do in such a moment?

I got the desire to do some building again.

Okay, here's my idea.

So that you know what you want to build next, a recommendation is always good. The trust of other customers helps with the decision and is very important.

Let me know, which model you would recommend and why! Say something of your artwork.

Here you can see my favorite models. Your inspiration for a new model.

Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend,

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Where do you plant trees? In china?


I did the marble run (with the spiral near the end) and loved it. Some joints on the path were hard to keep together, so I keep “re-attaching” them….they are made just a little off I think. Anyway we (my grandson and I) really love it and show everyone who comes in our house. Next we built the clock and it is even better…great fun to show, but not as much fun as the marble roll to show off.

Herbert W Smith

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