We love wood - a versatile and sustainable raw material

We love wood - a versatile and sustainable raw material

Did you actually know? Our wooden models are not only fun, they are also well thought out in every respect!

In times of high speed, pollution, superficiality and consumption, it is good to know that there is another way - building beautiful wooden models.

Wood has been used as a material on our planet for thousands of years. Trees are vital for our global climate and habitat for an infinite number of animal species. We not only use wood as a material for heat production and as a building material - our culture also lives from paper. Resin may become amber and is used for jewelry. The fruits of fruit trees are important food sources and the basis for the beehives. Besides all the uses of our trees, we would like to give you more facts that will let you see wood from a whole new perspective!

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In this country there are almost a hundred different species of trees and shrubs. In addition, there are also exotic species, which are preferred for ornamental purposes in parks and gardens. Worldwide there are about 1400 different deciduous tree species and 650 coniferous tree species.

The largest living beings? Not only whales!

Trees are also considered large living beings. If they grow under favorable living conditions, they reach heights that top the length of a blue whale - at 115 meters, the coastal redwood is not only the record holder, but also 3 times as large as the largest mammal in the world. These heights are made possible by large, species-specific height growth, a high life expectancy and a protective bark.

Not only huge, but also ancient

 Depending on the species and climate, a tree can live up to 2000 years. The oak is therefore something like the turtle among the trees. In contrast, the hazelnut with 100 years of age seems like a mayfly. When a tree is best for logging also depends on its species. The climate zone also has an influence. While fruit varieties such as cherry trees are " mature " for felling after about 50 years, it takes twice as long for oaks.

The age becomes visible through annual rings

Everyone knows them, the typical rings in wood. These arise between two growth phases, when the seasons change and the tree changes its nutrient uptake: in spring, after its rest in winter, the tree mobilizes all nutrients to transport water quickly and build up soft wood. Thus bright "early wood" is created. Later in the year, the tree forms darker and more narrow-pored "late wood" for protection. The annual rings are also influenced by the climate. Favourable conditions ensure wider rings - the tree grows more. The different colors of early and late wood serve to determine the age of the tree.

In winter the wood is cut down

Not only the water absorption is regulated in winter, but also the juice transport through the guide vessels in the tree is throttled in winter. Thus the tree prevents pest infestation by the formation of harder wood (the late wood). This natural prevention of pests is used by humans for logging. Storage is made easier by the hardwood on the outside and ensures higher quality.

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There are individual models where this is possible and also intended, e.g. the pendulum clock. Otherwise, I do not really recommend it. It is wood and the probability of accidentally breaking something is given.

From experience I can say that the marble tracks can also be disassembled. We have often done this for promotional videos.


Can the models be taken apart and reassembled?

Joan Dahlquist

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