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Magic Piano

Magic Piano

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Enter the Magical World with the Magic Piano

Through the transparent lid, you can see beautiful gears turning, which in turn rotate a delightful flower. The vintage details are breathtaking, and you will enjoy the beautiful leaves and retro curls. The keys are played by a mysterious force, seemingly playing on their own. Ah, what are we talking about? We're talking about the Magic Piano, where the lid and keys can actually be moved. So, if you love musical instruments, you absolutely must assemble this Concert Grand Piano from the Mechanical Music Box Series.

Adult Wooden Building Kit

The super-thick antique magic books that serve as a sturdy base give your new Concert Grand Piano its personality. From the Victorian delicate patterns to the nostalgic candle holders, everything is a visual delight. This puzzle exudes a sense of nostalgia and provides an unforgettable experience for music and craft enthusiasts. By the way, there's a lot of movement in this wooden building kit! The keyboard lid can also be closed. The wing cover is made of transparent acrylic and adorned with fascinating crystal-like patterns. Under this "engine hood," you will find the gears that power the mechanism.

Collect All the Magical Instruments

With the 223 puzzle pieces, you will also build the piano stool. The longest length of this miniature grand piano is 17 centimeters. Assembly is done using dowel and pin connections. No need for glue - everything fits together perfectly. Of course, music is essential, and you will assemble that as well. You will be proud of this eye-catching masterpiece!

Order your Magic Piano Kit today and embark on a magical journey to create a stunning wooden masterpiece that will captivate both adults and children alike!

That's why our models are so special!

IT REALLY WORKS - With our marble run, you become the engineer as you build your own machine out of wood. Experience the satisfaction of seeing your creation come to life as the marbles race through the tracks.

BUILD MEMORIES TOGETHER - Laugh, build, and create unforgettable moments as you work on this project with your loved ones, friends, or kids. It's the perfect opportunity to bond and strengthen your relationships.

MEDITATIVE EXPERIENCE - Building this set is not only entertaining but also enhances your planning and building skills. Brain teasers for adults and kids have never been so entertaining!

YOUR WOW MOMENT - Transform your living room into a showcase with this exquisite wooden construction kit. Impress your visitors with this unique and elegant decor piece that you assemble with your own hands. Elevate your parties and get-togethers with a truly remarkable experience!

EASY ASSEMBLY - Our building kit uses pins and tails, eliminating the need for glue. Laser-cut pieces easily pop out and fit together perfectly. Both adults and children above the age of 6 can assemble it effortlessly. Younger children may require supervision or a little assistance.

NATURAL AND SAFE - Crafted from natural birch plywood, our models is made from child-safe materials. Rest assured that all the pieces are recyclable. Plus, there's no need for glue during assembly, making it environmentally friendly.

PERFECT GIFT - Ideal for both children and adults, our wooden construction kits will bring joy to anyone who receives it. Once completed, it can be proudly displayed anywhere in your home, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

FULL INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED - Our clear, simple, and precise instruction manual ensures that you can quickly and correctly build the model set. Follow the step-by-step guide and let the fun begin!


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Q: Are the models also suitable for children?
A: Children between 8-13 often assemble the models under supervision. From the age of 14, children can usually assemble the models on their own.

Q: How fast will the model be shipped?
A: We usually ship within 24h. In individual cases, it can also take a little longer - especially at peak times.

Q: Do I need glue to assemble?
A: No - no glue is needed. All models are connected by plugging.

Q: Do I need additional tools or materials?
A: No - it's all included in the kit for assembly.


Precise laser cutting technology!

Perfect design manufactured with laser cutting technology, safe and gentle to use.

ASTM compliance | wooden construction kit | toy safety

The product passed the safety test for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-17).

Make sure no parts get lost. Follow the instructions or otherwise your wooden model will not work.

Warning: No toy! Decorative kit. CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not for children under 3 years.

⦿ Shipping currently within 24h 🚚


100% money back gurantee | wooden construction kits | secure payment


We at are 100% convinced of our products and 100% motivated. We are 100% proud to present you with your product. We give you maximum legal security - from the product, through the purchase and even to packaging. However, if you are not satisfied, you can return the item within 14 days of receipt and we will refund the full purchase price!

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