Are you prepared? Have a plan - be prepared not scared!

Being prepared to deal with an emergency is important for anyone! Today is Get Ready Day and this what it is all about. Each year Get Ready Day is a way to encourage individuals, families, and communities to consider what is required in the event of natural disasters, pandemic illnesses, infectious diseases, and other crisis events.

Are you prepared? Have a plan:

  1. Update emergency stockpile
  2. Review family evacuation plan
  3. Agree a meeting location
  4. Continue CDC guidelines: wear mask, wash your hands frequently
  5. Keep storage of water & food
  6. Have copies of important documents
  7. Build emergency kit

BTW: There are only 13 weeks left until Christmas. Maybe the Get Ready Day is also a good opportunity to search for the right gift. We have just the right inspiration for you.

There are only 13 weeks left until Christmas. Perfect gift.

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