7 scientifically-proven ways to switch-off for a while...

7 scientifically-proven ways to switch-off for a while...

If self-care was last year's mantra, then 2020 is all about allowing your mind and body the time and space to escape - especially in times of Corona and COVID-19.

We're living in turbulent times, with constant technological and environmental distractions, so it's no wonder the urge to escape and seek sanctuary in soothing activities that reconnect us to our sense of selves is gaining momentum.

7 scientifically-proven ways to switch-off for a while...

Escapism is the new self-care

  1. Reading a book

    Reading a good book does more than just transport you to another world for a while. A recent study by the University of Buffalo found getting lost in a book encourages another kind of "transportation", which makes you more empathetic, less stressed and more creative.

  2. Watching nature documentaries

    Tune in and relax your mind. and boosting your mood as meditation, the University of Coventry recently found. So re-watch David Attenborough's Dynasties then.

  3. Painting a room in a soothing colors

    Colors that "help us to create a calm, distraction-free zone where we can dial back the volume and reconnect with ourselves" will be big this year.

  4. Taking a long walk

    Immersing yourself in nature is one of the easiest ways to escape the stresses of modern life – and taking a dog with you has added benefits.

  5. Cooking

    Food has a transformative effect on all of our senses. Psychologists say this is especially true of nostalgic dishes which instantly take us back to happy, less-complicated times.

  6. Simply let your mind wander

    Distraction is fine for a while, but when was the last time you indulged in a little daydreaming?

    Letting your mind wander was once considered a waste of time. Now scientists have found embracing our inner thoughts, fantasies and feelings is vital for our psyche, social skills, sense of self and creativity. In fact, our inability to sit with these thoughts can actually increase feelings of restlessness, stress and anxiety.

  7. Crafts

    Hobbies like knitting, calligraphy or constructing wooden construction kits aren't just enjoyable, they're also fully immersive for the brain. This means the mind has to focus on the task in hand, rather than indulging in destructive patterns of stress, anxiety and worry.

    Having something to show for your time, effort and energy can also be re-affirming.

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Yes and no. We have customers who have rebuilt and motorized it themselves. By design, it is not intended for the time being. But our models are constantly being developed further and perhaps that will still come :-)


I was wondering if it’s possible to connect the four marble machines together to create a Mega Marble Machine and will you be making a kit to do that? Along with motorizing the kits.
Thanks in advance!


Hello Sarah,
under supervision you can definitely try it. Together with my 6 year old son I have already built a marble run.


I love your models!
Are the beginner models appropriate for a 7 year old/second grader?
Also, do they stay together well or are they easily β€˜toppled’?
Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!


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